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Edited reproduction of Witbooi's diary, with documents from the National Archives of Namibia. Featuring a forward in English by Gustav Voigts

"The author of the present record, Charles John Andersson, is not unknown among students of Namibian history, or Africana book collectors. He was born in Vanersborg (Sweden) to a Swedish mother (Kajsa Andersdotter) and an English father (Llewellyn…

"The present text documents a year's copper mining activity in Namaland, SWA/Namibia. The year is 1857 and the country ruled by groups of chiefs, the mine is called Matchless, the company exploiting the mine is the Walfisch Bay Mining Company, and…

"Bush encroachment is defined as “the invasion and/or thickening of aggressive undesired woody species resulting in an imbalance of the grass:bush ratio, a decrease in biodiversity, and a decrease in carrying capacity”, causing severe economic…

"Breaking Contract gives a unique insight into the conditions, events and personalities which gave rise to the formation of the South West African People's Organisation, SWAPO of Namibia, and the launching of the armed struggle for freedom from South…

This dissertation examines the trajectory of Namibian art during the country's multiple phases of nationalism from 1946 to 2003. Nationalism, an ideological construct that posits unified national identity and a concomitant right to political…

Postage stamps and related objects are miniature communication tools, and they tell a story about cultural and political identities and about artistic forms of identity expressions. They are part of the world’s material heritage, and part of…

The Naukluft Region is situated +- 200 km southwest of Windhoek in Namibia and includes the Naukluft Nappe Complex (NNC), a series of nappe stacks of severely thrusted and folded limestones and dolomites of Neoproterozoic Damara orogen. Although it…

The objective of the present study was to analyse the change in forest cover in the Owambo area of north-central Namibia, focusing especially on the domestic use of wood in constructions on farms. Aerial photographs from 1996, 1992, 1970 and 1943,…

This thesis is a study of the social-economy of pastoralism in Damaraland, a
former homeland of Namibia. It focuses on communal livestock farmers and
their families, their strategies for coping with drought, poverty and a legacy
of political…

Lähetyslääkäri Selma Rainio länsimaisen kulttuurin ja lääketieteen
edustajana Ambomaalla vuosina 1908–1938

Tiedekunta/oppiaine: yhteiskunta- ja aluetieteiden tiedekunta, yleinen historia
Sivumäärä: 79
Aika ja paikka: elokuu 2008,…

Joensuun yliopisto
Yhteiskunta- ja aluetieteiden tiedekunta/Yleinen historia
Lisa Nyholm

Suomalaisten lähetystyöntekijöiden toiminta ja kokemukset nälänhädän aikana
Ambomaalla vuosina 1928–33

Pro gradu –tutkielma,…

Articles include:

The third option - K. Abrahams,

Seminar on Namibian History

Khomasdal Cemetery PRoject

Growing food in the times of drought - O. Abrahams

A Seminar on Computer science

Shades of Namibia - Keith Gottschalk


Articles included:

Present imperfect, Future Indefinite: Namibia in early 1983 - Kenneth Abrahams

An Investigation into the Socio-economic conditions of Khomasdal - Mrs. G. Holst & Mr. J.J.S. Alberts

Namibia review publications


Articles include:

In the doldrums - Kenneth Abrahams

Representative Authorities and Ethnic Elections - Kenneth Abrahams

The UN Plan for Namibia - Jean Sutherland

The Minister's Council - Jean Sutherland

The Month in Review


Articles include:

Renewing the Review

The New Party: A Postmortem - Kenneth Abrahams

A Namibian Lancaster House Conference

The NIP Open Letter

Reaction to the NIP Proposal - Jean Sutherland


Articles include:


Ethnicity and Second-tier Authorities: The Beginning of a Great Debate

Second-tier Authorities - Kenneth Abrahams

"Die Republikein" on Ethnicity (two articles)

Ethnicity Evaluated: A reply to "Die…

Articles include:

"The Present Crisis, the General Election, and the National Liberation Movement"

An Analysis of the Crisis - Bryan O'Linn

Why SWAPO-D Objects to the UDI - Andreas Shipanga

A conference to break the deadlock - Ottilie…

Articles include:

Namibia and the Western Initiative - Andreas Shipanga

Notes by the Editor

A Critique of the "Kapuuo" Edition - D.S. & Others

A Reply - by Kenneth Abrahams

Avoid conflict in Namibia - Issy Katjikuru

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