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Frühe Kolonialgeschichte Namibias 1880-1930.pdf

1. Einführung - Wilhem J.G. Möhlig

2 - Unmaking a Market: The Encapsulation of a Regional Trade Network: Northwest Namibia between the 1860s and 1950s. - Michael Bollig

3. Mit Kreuz, Gewehr und Handelskarre: Der Kavango 1903 im…

Die Nama unter Deutscher Kolonialherrschaft.pdf
Hendrik Witbooi und Theodor Leutwein - das sind die zentralen Figuren auf Seiten der Nama und der Deutschen im Zeitraum 1884-1904. Sie kämpften gegeneinander und sie kämpften miteinander. Und sie hatten gegenseitigen Respekt…

"Shortly after the ecstatic victory celebration in Windhoek came the first bad news. Hendrik Witbooi had by no means fled precipitately with his warriors, but had gathered them together, and secretly followed the withdrawing Germans. He succeeded in…

The Nama of Namibia - A Guide to an Exhibition.pdf
"The long over-due representation of the Nama in Namibian museums formed the primary motivation to develop this exhibition as part of a larger exhibition titled "Hunter-gatherers & Nomads in Sand and Ice Deserts", which was made available on loan to…
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