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"The present text documents a year's copper mining activity in Namaland, SWA/Namibia. The year is 1857 and the country ruled by groups of chiefs, the mine is called Matchless, the company exploiting the mine is the Walfisch Bay Mining Company, and…

"Walvis Bay, the largest and safest harbour on the Namib coast, was known to maritime explorers as early as the fifteenth century European voyages of discovery. This study centres on 58 archaeological sites in the IKhuiscb Delta around Walvis Bay and…

"These reminiscences refer particularly to the first years of my activity in Africa. To me, they are the most delightful, and I am sure that to the friends of missions they will be the most interesting."

A policy briefing on Namibian economic dependence in Southern Africa. Focus on Walvis Bay, Mines, and Banking in SACU

Date: 20 April 2013 Location: Washington Time: ~ 90 Minutes Interview conducted by Bernard Moore & Matthew Ecker Topics: -South Africa & UN relations -Western Contact Group -Carter Administration policies toward SWA -Problem of Walvis…
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