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-Various Condemnations with regard to Namibia, especially Uranium

-Definition of an Immigrant
-Immigration to South Africa: Historical Background
-South Africa's Immigration Policy
-Effects of Immigration in Southern Africa and Europe
-Implementation of the Immigration Policy: Organizations and Techniques

Issued as a Supplement to SA Digest (6 February 1981)
-A Somewhat Partisan take on the 1977-1980 period in Namibia

-The Interim Government (Conversion of Constituent Assembly into National Assembly) [Kenneth Abrahams]
-Inter-Party Talks and the Internal Situation
-The UN Plan for Namibia
-The Detention of SWAPO Leaders
-The President in Pretoria

Articles include:

The United Nations Institute for Namibia - An Investigation - Johannes Witbooi

Comments on the Pio Teek Interview - Mbahimua K. Kapute

Notes by the Editor

Book Review

The Government we Need - M.S. Haikali


Articles include:

"Namibia Day" Violence - Timoteus Shilongo

Pay attention to experience by negative example - Moses K. Katjiuongua

"Fortitute" a poem by Z.A. Mnakapa

Preconditions for peace in independent Namibia - Peter Shakumu


Articles Include:

"SWA/Namibia's National Assembly"

Important Laws

West German speech on SWA


"SWAPO Terror"

Articles include:

Sudwester Lied & the Reiter

Constitutional Developments & the Assembly

National Government Schemata

"How Partial is the UN?"

"To the Situation in Namibia"

"Where do we Stand after the Rhodesian Election?"

This collection of papers was a very early contribution to English language Namibian historiography, covering issues such as Orlaam politics, Windhoek urban planning, Nama history, and the present political situation under South African Rule. The…

"  Kenya Battalion in Namibia is a debut book of note by a retired Kenya Army officer. The book is ground-breaking because in the highly secretive military service in Kenya, rarely do we hear army officers tell about their exploits in the…

"This document survey brings into focus the principled and consistent support extended by India to the people of Namibia through their long and arduous struggle and describes the steps being taken through mutual agreements to further strengthen our…

Table of Contents: Preface; The Country and the People;The Cattle-Rich Hereros; My Brethren have Dealt Deceitfullyas a Brook; Like the Sun on Your Back; A Sacred Trust; ToGain Space to Live; The Poor Shepherd; Poor Judge in itsOwn Case; Do you want…

"The starting point for this article was research conducted on the tension between cultural rights and gender equality within the Human Rights and Documentation Centre (HRDC)3 of the University of Namibia’s Faculty of Law in 2007 and 2008. The…

"Die Sammlung AA.1 im Allgemeinen Archiv der Basler Afrika Bibliographien besteht aus einer umfangreichen, zufälligen Ansammlung von Presseartikeln und Ephemera aus und zu Namibia, d.h. Prospekten, Broschüren, Formularen, Werbung und Flugblättern…

"A tour de force from "the other Nelson Mandela!" Political determination, diplomatic endeavour, and military perseverance all focused with singular vision and unwavering constancy on Namibia's goal of nationhood have been the hallmarks of the life…

Documents resistance to the German conquest by the Herero and Nama peoples; the South African take-over under the League of Nations mandate; land, labour and community resistance from 1920-1960; the emergence of Nationalist organisations; appeals to…

Namibian President Returns Home to Fordham By Tom Stoelker on September 23, 2015 University News, Rose Hill “Fordham introduced me to African studies. I brought Africanism back with me to Africa from here. And I’ve been an Africanist…

Last Steps to Uhuru is and eyewitness account of the crucial years of transition in Namibia, from 1988-1992. It covers the last political protests and campaigns, the return of Exiles, the UN monitored elections, the adoption of a constitution, and…
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