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"This dissertation explores the historical origin of practical challenges experienced in user services of the post-colonial National Archives of Namibia (NAN).

It was motivated by the observation that many requests by Black Namibians for civic…

This short publication of the National Archives of Namibia provides an introduction to the German genocide of the Nama and Herero peoples at Shark Island, Luderitz.

Ruth First's journey to South West Africa to gather material for this book will be the last she will make out of Johannesburg as long as the Nationalist Government is in power: four days after she returned she was served with an order prohibiting her…

The Roman Catholic church (Vicarate of Windhoek) and the Namibian Socio-Political Situation 1971-1981

Date: 18 August 2012 Location: Windhoek Time: ~ 55 Minutes Interview conducted by Bernard Moore & Matthew Ecker Topics: -Early thoughts on colonialism, racism, class -OPO as response to labor issues, not nationalism -America as symbol of…
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