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Uranium mining and nuclear power is a controversial topic as of late, especially in light of the recent Fukushima event. Although the actual use of nuclear fuel has minimal environmental impact, its issues come at the very beginning and end of the…

Issued as a Supplement to SA Digest (6 February 1981)
-A Somewhat Partisan take on the 1977-1980 period in Namibia

Namibian Government Gazette No. 1158

-Located in Traditional Authorities Conference, 1995 folder

-Technical Cooperation Programme, related to the FAO Namibia, 1995. TCP/NAM/4453

This was in the same folder from Rob Gordon labelled "Traditional Authorities Conference, 1995". It appears however, that this paper was not presented at this…

Quotes and summaries from Southern African sources relevant to the traditional Authorities question

-Notes on Namibia's Transition to Independence (Gottfriend Wellmer)

-On the Instrument and the Capital for Land Reform in Namibia: Some Considerations on the Independent State's Options

-Features of the Namibian Economy (With Data and compilation of companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange)

-Namibia: Manipulando uma Solucao de Compromisso
(Dealing with Internal Settlement, 1978 Elections, Resolution 435, SWAPO Detentions, etc).

"The aim of this thesis is to find out if there is a gap between the formalization level and the realization level in the Namibian school system. Moreover, our aim is to figure out how we, as visiting teaching students, interpret the relationship…

"The main objective of this dissertation was to investigate issues of cross-border migration and their effects on the project of SADC regional integration. The principal theoretical grounding comes from theories on migration, inclusive of their…

"The overall aim of this study is to investigate the perception of support provided to orphan children in foster care placement in terms of education, care and support as well as protection by orphan children themselves, foster parents and social…
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