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Narration: Vaino Mutota
Script: Shoombe Shanyengana
Extra Camera: Jonas Lutombi
Editing: Shoombe Shanyengana
Music: Jackson Kaujeua

This booklet will not discuss all aspects in detail but will give a brief overview of Namibia's EPZ programme as well as a profile of the Ramatex Company. The main part of this booklet deals with the experiences of Ramatex workers. All too often…

This report presents the key findings of a pilot research project on Asian migrant workers working at Ramatex, conducted from 31st August 04 to 4th October 2004. This pilot research was funded by the International Labor Rights Fund, and jointly…

Namibia‟s investment policies are largely shaped by the process of globalisation and the neo-liberal line of thought which claims that developing countries have to attract investment by offering increasing concessions to foreign investors. This is…

The United States introduced the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) in 2000 with the intention of maximising trade between the US and sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries. Specifically, AGOA aimed at developing the textile industry in SSA…
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