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Meeting on SWA-Namibia in Geneva 7-14 January 1981.pdf
Issued as a Supplement to SA Digest (6 February 1981)
-A Somewhat Partisan take on the 1977-1980 period in Namibia

-Notes on Namibia's Transition to Independence (Gottfriend Wellmer)

ADK 15 November 1979.pdf
Articles Include:

Appointment of Dr. Gerrit van Niekerk Viljoen as administrator-general for SWA

Interview with Administrator General


On the "Dummy Election"

South West Africa to Namibia - My Personal Struggle.pdf
"Fousy Shinana-Kambombo provides a new perspective on her life as a SWAPO member, her journey into exile and her life in the Camps. However, she also writes with daring openness about the difficult subjects of sexual abuse and gender based violence…

"A tour de force from "the other Nelson Mandela!" Political determination, diplomatic endeavour, and military perseverance all focused with singular vision and unwavering constancy on Namibia's goal of nationhood have been the hallmarks of the life…

Donor support of opposition parties in Namibia. How foreign support for parties effects democracy in a new democracy.pdf
This paper will examine the effects of donor support of opposition parties on Namibian democracy. But this central research question elicits other crucial questions: • How does the international community justify its support of opposition parties…

Last Steps to Uhuru Cover.jpg
Last Steps to Uhuru is and eyewitness account of the crucial years of transition in Namibia, from 1988-1992. It covers the last political protests and campaigns, the return of Exiles, the UN monitored elections, the adoption of a constitution, and…

"The hybrid mix of authoritarianism and democracy disguised as specific form of “nationalism and national projects” (Ndlovu-Gathseni/Ndhlovu 2013) has been normalised in the postcolonial settings. In particular Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa, had…

DTA Constitution.pdf
This document is the constitution for the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance.


Membership of Democratic Turnhalle Alliance
Constitutional Principals for SWA/Namibia
Constitutional Proposals for the Institution of…

The Basic Documents of SWANU1.pdf
The Revised Basic Documents of SWANU as approved by the Central Committee on 30 March 1985 and ratified by an all-branches consultative conference on 5-8 April 1985 in accordance with the resolution passed by the extra-ordinary national congress held…

From 1960, SWAPO of Namibia led the organised and later armed struggle for independence. In late 1989, the liberation movement was finally elected to power under United Nations supervision as the legitimate government. When the Republic of Namibia…

This Discussion Paper is another result of the project “Liberation and Democracy in Southern Africa” (LiDeSA), which was coordinated at the Institute between 2001 and 2006. The papers are revised versions of presentations to a Session of the Research…

Narration: Vaino Mutota
Script: Shoombe Shanyengana
Extra Camera: Jonas Lutombi
Editing: Shoombe Shanyengana
Music: Jackson Kaujeua

Namibia - Born of the Ballot Box.jpg
"Documents the decolonization process in Namibia, including the part played by the United Nations in the country's journey to independence and democracy." With apartheid footage, liberation war footage, and extensive recordings from the independence…

Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.jpg
Short Documentary film produced for TV News Program "South Africa Now" in conjunction with The Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Phase II Productions, Global Vision International, Stuart Sender (Dir. & Prod.) and Caroline…

Namibia Doc Cover.jpg
Structured without narration, Namibians and those involved in the liberation struggle give their input on the fight against Apartheid in what was then South West Africa. Focus is given to the international political elements such as the Cold War,…

Don McHenry.jpg
Date: 20 April 2013 Location: Washington Time: ~ 90 Minutes Interview conducted by Bernard Moore & Matthew Ecker Topics: -South Africa & UN relations -Western Contact Group -Carter Administration policies toward SWA -Problem of Walvis…
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