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-Mozambique/South Africa Economic Relations since Nkomati (part 7)

-Mozambique/South Africa Economic Relations since Nkomati (part 5)

-Mozambique/South Africa Economic Relations since Nkomati (part 4)

-Features of the Namibian Economy (With Data and compilation of companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange)

-Mozambique/South Africa Economic Relations since Nkomati (Part 3)

-Mozambique/South Africa Economic Relations since Nkomati (part 2)

-Mozambique/South Africa Economic Relations since Nkomati

What is the role of international development assistance in a newly independent country such as Namibia? The two studies in this report give some inputs to the discussion on the benefits and problems of aid. One focuses on macro-economics, resource…

A policy briefing on Namibian economic dependence in Southern Africa. Focus on Walvis Bay, Mines, and Banking in SACU

Narration: Vaino Mutota
Script: Shoombe Shanyengana
Extra Camera: Jonas Lutombi
Editing: Shoombe Shanyengana
Music: Jackson Kaujeua

This highly acclaimed bibliography contains more than 2,100 entries, of which over 1,000 are annotated, including books, articles, unpublished reports, conference papers, official publications and periodicals in English, German, Afrikaans and the…

Namibia‟s investment policies are largely shaped by the process of globalisation and the neo-liberal line of thought which claims that developing countries have to attract investment by offering increasing concessions to foreign investors. This is…

An examination of economic issues that are generally omitted by political party manifestos.1 Introduction 2 Size of government and fiscal policy 3 Government ownership in economy 4 Labour, poverty and welfare 5 Trade and economic integration 6…
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