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Hate the Old and Follow the New - Khoekhoe and Missionaries in Early-Nineteenth Century Namibia.pdf
"The first comprehensive study of the interaction between the European missionaries and Africans in precolonial Namibia focusses on the expansion of the colonial frontier.
Africans entered a new world of social relations where they faced the…

The Nama of Namibia - A Guide to an Exhibition.pdf
"The long over-due representation of the Nama in Namibian museums formed the primary motivation to develop this exhibition as part of a larger exhibition titled "Hunter-gatherers & Nomads in Sand and Ice Deserts", which was made available on loan to…

The Bondelswarts Rebellion of 1922.pdf
Lewis' thesis explores the events leading up to and the effects of the 1922 Bondelswarts Uprising in the South of Namibia. Military, economic, political and cultural factors are explored. Maps are provided

The study Namibia in Jonker Afrikaner's Time is founded on the thesis of Brigitte Lau which was originally submitted to the University of Cape Town in 1982.

From Reserve to Homeland South African Native Policy in Southern Namibia.pdf
The beginning of South African rule in present day Namibia marks a watershed in the country's history. The new developments initiated by a change in colonial rulers have generally been underestimated in existing literature.
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