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Addendum 1 - South West Africa.pdf
Fairly partisan view of apartheid in Namibia, mid-1970s. Reads like one of the South West Africa Surveys

United Nations Unit on Apartheid - White Migration to Southern Africa.pdf
-Definition of an Immigrant
-Immigration to South Africa: Historical Background
-South Africa's Immigration Policy
-Effects of Immigration in Southern Africa and Europe
-Implementation of the Immigration Policy: Organizations and Techniques

Karakul Breeders Society, 1969.pdf
-50 Years of the Karakul Breeders Association of SWA
-Bernhard Pietzsch, obit.
-Views on the SWA Persian Lamb
-The following 50 years of karakul breeding
-The development of the while karakul sheep
-Postnatal hair development and…

Karakul Breeders Society, 1968.pdf
-J. Jooste, Obit.
-1967 International Karakoel Symposium
-The Present World Situations and future prospects of the Karakul industry
-The Karakul Breeding System in the Soviet Union
-The appearance and inheritance of white marks in Karakul sheep…

Karakul Breeders Society, 1967.pdf
-60 Years if Karakul Breeding in SWA
-Testing offspring of Karakul Sheep
-The Neudam Bloodline
-Views regarding the SWA Pelt Supply, with special emphasis on the Pipe Curl
-Karakul Research on the Experimental Farms
-Annual Report…

Karakul Breeders Society, 1966.pdf
-Erich Gusinde obit.
-London Karakul Pelt Auctions and the Future of the SWA Persian Lambskin
-The interval between birth and subsequent conception in Karakul Sheep
-Broadtails may be obtained in large numbers from Culled Ewes
-Methods of…

Karakul Breeders Society, 1965.pdf
-Factors which Affect the Breeding of Karakoel Sheep
-The SWA Breeding book at 40 years
-The Selection of Hair length of Day-old Karakul Sheep
-Annual Report 1964
-Karakul Research on the Experimental Farms
-Advanced Karakul Short course

Karakul Breeders Society, 1964.pdf
-Improper preparation of pelts reduces karakul farmers' income
-Annual Report 1963
-Suitable breeding methods for the Karakul Industry
-Karakul Research at Neudam
-Ear Length in Karakul sheep
-Karakul Research at Gellap-Ost
-The Growing…

Karakul Breeders Society, 1963.pdf
-Successful Karakul Sheep Farming
-Anomalies in Karakul Sheep
-Descent of the Neudam Stud Rams
-Pelt Prices 1962
-Annual Report 1962
-Karakul Research on the experimental Farms
-Karakul Short Courses
-Advanced Karakul Short Course

Karakul Breeders Society, 1962.pdf
-Ewe Families
-Report on a visit to Argentina
-Karakul industry in Angola
-The Soviet Karakul
-Karakul Research on the Experimental Farms
-Annual Report 1961
-My memories on Haribes
-Export of Karakul pelts, 1961
-KTF Ram Auctions, 1961/62

Karakul Breeders Society, 1961.pdf
-A.D. Thompson: Beneficiary for the Karakul Farmers
-Regarding the inheritance of curl patterns in karakul sheep
-Progress in Karakul Farming held back by poor herd management
-Large extension of Karakul Studs in the Soviet Union
-A good…

Karakul Breeders Society, 1960.pdf
-Jackal-Proof Fencing and the Karakul Sheep
-General Breeding Questions in the Karakul Industry
-Annual Report 1960
-Hair Thickness and it's relationship to quality traits in lamb pelts
-Annual Report 1959
-Karakul research on the…

Karakul Breeders Society, 1959.pdf
-The Development of the SWA Karakul Breeding Associations
-The pros and cons of opening up the Karakul Stud Book
-Annual Report 1958
-Scientific Abstracts
-Karakul research on the Experimental farms
-Hair strength and its relationships to good…

Karakul Breeders Society, 1958.pdf
-50 Years of Karakul-Breeding in SWA
-Scientific Abstracts
-Disease Outbreaks amongst Rams
-Karakul Research on Experimental Farms
-Annual Report 1957
-Bloodline of the Neudam Stud

Die Lewe van F.H. Odendaal, 1898-1966.pdf
"Frans Hendrik Odendaal is in 1898 op Kimberley gebore. Hy het sy jeugjare op Boshof deurgebring en matrikuleer in 1916. Deur privaatstudie kwalifiseer hy in 1927 as prokureur. Hy is in 1919 met Magdalena Petronella du Plessis getroud. Uit hierdie…

coloured people.pdf
pt. 1. Cape Coloured people
pt. 2. Coloured people in Namibia, 1921 until 2001, 80 years
pt. 3. Basters, 1865 until 2001.

Namibia Review (No. 30) Sept-December 1983.pdf
Articles include:

The third option - K. Abrahams,

Seminar on Namibian History

Khomasdal Cemetery PRoject

Growing food in the times of drought - O. Abrahams

A Seminar on Computer science

Shades of Namibia - Keith Gottschalk


Namibia Review (No. 27) Jan-March 1983.pdf
Articles included:

Present imperfect, Future Indefinite: Namibia in early 1983 - Kenneth Abrahams

An Investigation into the Socio-economic conditions of Khomasdal - Mrs. G. Holst & Mr. J.J.S. Alberts

Namibia review publications

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