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A Life Cycle Assessment of a Uranium Mine in Namibia.pdf
Uranium mining and nuclear power is a controversial topic as of late, especially in light of the recent Fukushima event. Although the actual use of nuclear fuel has minimal environmental impact, its issues come at the very beginning and end of the…

Namibia's Energy Support Problem - The Epupa Scheme.pdf
"Syftet med denna uppsats har varit att studera den Namibiska elmarknaden, givet att Epupa kraftverket byggs. Tre hypoteser ställdes upp, nämligen att Epupa projektet kommer att ge Namibia en självförsörjande elmarknad, att den kommer att reducera…

Report of the Land Settlement Commission, SWA, 1935.pdf
This document contains a short report of the Land Settlement Commission, 1935, describing such things as advances to settlers, borehole drilling and water supply, interest and debt, fencing, and the Angola Boers.

Report on Land Settlement, SWA, 1926.pdf
This document is reproduced from a facsimile reprint of the 1926 original. This report to the SWA administrator describes the state of affairs of land settlement, advances to settlers, and colonial farm improvements, as of 1926.

White Power in Angola and Namibia - The Kunene Hydro-Electric Schemes - A Study in the Political Economy of Infrastructural Development.pdf
"This paper will examine the Kunene river Hydro-electric schemes, in their historical, legal, military, strategic, technological, economic and political contexts, in order to bring greater understanding of the society and its conflicts. The schemes…

"Im Folgenden wird zunächst die Entwicklungsgemeinschaft des südlichen Afrika (SADC) vorgestellt, bevor die Brennpunkte „Wasser und Land“ im Einzelnen besprochen werden. Sowohl Wasser als auch Land sind knappe Ressourcen in der Region. Das Thema…
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