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A Life Cycle Assessment of a Uranium Mine in Namibia.pdf
Uranium mining and nuclear power is a controversial topic as of late, especially in light of the recent Fukushima event. Although the actual use of nuclear fuel has minimal environmental impact, its issues come at the very beginning and end of the…

-Various Condemnations with regard to Namibia, especially Uranium

Mining and Sustainability - Systems and Stakeholder Analyses of Uranium Mining in Namibia.pdf
"Roughly 10% of the Namibian GDP and over 40% of total exports are dependent on the mining sector. Namibia is one of the five leading uranium producing countries worldwide withperspectives to triple the production in the following years. This study…

Uranium Mining in Namibia - The Mystery Behind 'Low Level Radiation'.pdf
- The increase in uranium mining projects will certainly lead to more employment opportunities for Namibia and for the Erongo region in particular and there will be potential inflow of migrants into Erongo. Based on conversations with some residents…
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