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Articles include:

Lessons of 1977 - Timoteus Shilongo

Namibia on the Eve of Elections - Ottilie Abrahams

Can we afford 1000 UN Administrators - Hans Beukes

Prof. M. Kerina - An Interview by Kenneth Abrahams

Editorial Notes


Articles include:

The United Nations Institute for Namibia - An Investigation - Johannes Witbooi

Comments on the Pio Teek Interview - Mbahimua K. Kapute

Notes by the Editor

Book Review

The Government we Need - M.S. Haikali


Articles include:

Black Consciousness in Namibia - Timoteus Shilongo

Blacks against Blacks - Per Wästberg

In defence of Andreas Shipanga - Ottilie Abrahams

The Politics of Bryan O'Linn - Gabriel Tuhadeleni

Book Review


Articles include:

"Namibia Day" Violence - Timoteus Shilongo

Pay attention to experience by negative example - Moses K. Katjiuongua

"Fortitute" a poem by Z.A. Mnakapa

Preconditions for peace in independent Namibia - Peter Shakumu


Articles include:

Editorial: Election Fever

On Bowing to the Winds of Change - Mbahimua Kapute

From our Archives, notes from 1963

Unemployment in Namibia - Hans Beukes

Dissension is not a hobby - Aaron Shindjoba

Letters to the…

Articles include:

Editorial: Unite or Perish

Pio Marapi Teek: An Interview by Kenneth Abrahams

"SWAPO of Namibia" has no Policy - Godfrey Gaoseb & Moses K. Katjiuongua

Letters to the Editor

Namibia Detainees: the Tan-Zam thousand -…

Articles include:

Editorial: The Draft Constitution

Letter to the Presidents Kaunda and Nyerere - Shakumu

Paul Helmuth: Renegades and Turncoats

Compromise: Our Point of View - Ottilie Abrahams

Letter to Sam Nujoma of SWAPO


Articles Include:

Editorial: The Interim Government

Returning Home - Nikodemus Muundjua

The Namibian Problem (A Voice from the Wilderness) - Aaron Shindjoba

Book Reviews

The Liberation Struggle and the Question of Nationalism in SWA -…

Articles Include:

The Constitution of the Namibia Review Group

Constitutional Conference on SWA

Appraisal of Turnhalle Economics

Comments on Turnhalle: Women, Education, Culture

Black Power, White Extremism, African…

Articles Include:

"SWA/Namibia's National Assembly"

Important Laws

West German speech on SWA


"SWAPO Terror"

"In the Footsteps of Mr. Andersson tells the story of the extraordinary relationship between Sweden and Namibia. It begins in the Middle of the nineteenth century when a Swedish explorer, adventurer, entrepreneur, and arms dealer drew the earliest…

"This document survey brings into focus the principled and consistent support extended by India to the people of Namibia through their long and arduous struggle and describes the steps being taken through mutual agreements to further strengthen our…

"Fousy Shinana-Kambombo provides a new perspective on her life as a SWAPO member, her journey into exile and her life in the Camps. However, she also writes with daring openness about the difficult subjects of sexual abuse and gender based violence…

"It was an early Sunday morning in April 1976, my heart was heavy, but in my head I could hear sounds of of early morning birds wishing me a safe journey. I was determined to leave Namibia. I silently slipped out of the homestead, walked across the…

"Die Arbeit vergleicht die Entwicklungslinien zwischen Namibia und Südafrika. Beide Länder sind geprägt durch einen jahrzehntelangen Befreiungskampf der Befreiungsbewegungen – South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO) in Namibia und…

"Die Sammlung AA.1 im Allgemeinen Archiv der Basler Afrika Bibliographien besteht aus einer umfangreichen, zufälligen Ansammlung von Presseartikeln und Ephemera aus und zu Namibia, d.h. Prospekten, Broschüren, Formularen, Werbung und Flugblättern…

The Basler Afrika Bibliographien (BAB) in Basel, Switzerland, houses a special archival collection on SWAPO. The collection contains primarily printed material from SWAPO and about SWAPO dating from the 1960s to 1990. Thus, the collection covers a…

"A tour de force from "the other Nelson Mandela!" Political determination, diplomatic endeavour, and military perseverance all focused with singular vision and unwavering constancy on Namibia's goal of nationhood have been the hallmarks of the life…

This paper will examine the effects of donor support of opposition parties on Namibian democracy. But this central research question elicits other crucial questions: • How does the international community justify its support of opposition parties…

"The mini-dissertation examines and highlights in broad detail how Mr. Sam Nujoma used the canons of classical rhetoric in his State of the Nation Addresses during his Presidential reign in Namibia from 1990 to 2004. Mr. Nujoma’s Addresses are…
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