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1. Einführung - Wilhem J.G. Möhlig

2 - Unmaking a Market: The Encapsulation of a Regional Trade Network: Northwest Namibia between the 1860s and 1950s. - Michael Bollig

3. Mit Kreuz, Gewehr und Handelskarre: Der Kavango 1903 im…

Termite mounds comprise a significant part of the landscape in northwestern Namibia. The vegetation type in this area is mopane vegetation, a vegetation type unique to southern Africa. In the area where I conducted research, almost all termite mounds…

This paper is concerned with the emergence and making of a criminal case in Kaoko between 1929 and 19357 and its bearing on the development of colonial native administration in the territory. I first heard of the ‘elephant case’ in interviews I…

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Film discussing post-independence Namibia from the perspective of the Ovahimba.
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