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This Film Describes the situation of the Black pastoral farmers of Namibia, including their feelings toward land tenure and use and the difficult social conditions under which they live.

Camera: Richard Pakleppa & George Shikongo
Sound: Ignatius…

Narration: Vaino Mutota
Script: Shoombe Shanyengana
Extra Camera: Jonas Lutombi
Editing: Shoombe Shanyengana
Music: Jackson Kaujeua

Graphics: Göran Lettstrand
On-Line Editing: Anders Rislöw
Sound Mix: Martin Dahl
Music: Stig-Erik Karlsson

A program by: Lasse Berg & Anders Ribbsjö

Film discussing post-independence Namibia from the perspective of the Ovahimba.

"Documents the decolonization process in Namibia, including the part played by the United Nations in the country's journey to independence and democracy." With apartheid footage, liberation war footage, and extensive recordings from the independence…

Johan van der Mescht was a South African army conscript who was captured in 1978 by Danger Ashipala, a guerrilla fighting for Namibian independence. Van der Mescht was held as a Prisoner of War in Angola before being exchanged for a Russian spy,…

Structured without narration, Namibians and those involved in the liberation struggle give their input on the fight against Apartheid in what was then South West Africa. Focus is given to the international political elements such as the Cold War,…
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