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Election of DTA Council of Ministers

Reaction of World to 1978 Elections

Turnhalle Conference

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Sudwester Lied & the Reiter

Constitutional Developments & the Assembly

National Government Schemata

"How Partial is the UN?"

"To the Situation in Namibia"

"Where do we Stand after the Rhodesian Election?"

Articles include:

Results of 1978 election

Interview with Judge M.T. Steyn

Interview with Dirk Mudge

Interview with Kosie Pretorius

Racist letter to the Editor about Black Farming

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Gazette: Establishment of Legislative Authority in SWA

Constitutional Assembly

Differences between Constituent Assembly and National Assembly

German Government Schools in SWA

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Appointment of Dr. Gerrit van Niekerk Viljoen as administrator-general for SWA

Interview with Administrator General


On the "Dummy Election"

"The struggle for Namibian independence is not one that has generated widespread attention or support from the people of the Western industrialised countries. Much of this apathy is due, no doubt, to the failure of Western media corporations to…

Date: 14 August 2012 Location: Windhoek Time: ~ 1 Hour Interview conducted by Bernard Moore & Matthew Ecker Topics: -Early history of Namibia -Birth of OPO & SWAPO -Apartheid in Namibia -Petitions to United Nations & Abroad -Armed…

Date: 2 February 2013 Location: Washington Time: ~ 45 Minutes Interview conducted by Bernard Moore & Matthew Ecker Topics: -US interests in Namibia situation -Reagan Admin. perceptions of SWAPO -Thoughts on NP & Resolution 435 -Namibia…

Date: 11 March 2013 Location: Helsinki Time: ~ 1 Hour Interview conducted by Bernard Moore & Matthew Ecker Topics: -Finnish connections with Namibia (missionary) -Role as UN Commissioner for Namibia -Relationships with Frontline states,…

Date: 11 August 2012 Location: Swakopmund Time: ~ 40 Minutes Interview conducted by Bernard Moore & Matthew Ecker Topics: -Discussion with SWAPO in Exile -Involvement in Politics -Imagining post-independence Namibia -Thoughts on first free…

Date: 9 August 2012 Location: Windhoek Time: ~ 50 Minutes Interview conducted by Bernard Moore & Matthew Ecker Topics: -Introduction to his political life w/ NP of SWA -Against Res. 435 because of “one man, one vote” -Description of SWA…

Date: 20 April 2013 Location: Washington Time: ~ 90 Minutes Interview conducted by Bernard Moore & Matthew Ecker Topics: -South Africa & UN relations -Western Contact Group -Carter Administration policies toward SWA -Problem of Walvis…

Structured without narration, Namibians and those involved in the liberation struggle give their input on the fight against Apartheid in what was then South West Africa. Focus is given to the international political elements such as the Cold War,…

Dates: 17 & 19 August 2012Location: WindhoekTimes: ~ 90 Minutes & ~ 150 MinutesInterviews conducted by Bernard Moore & Matthew EckerTopics: -A general comprehensive account of his life. He spent a good long while speaking about growing…

"After 105 years of foreign rule, Namibia, Africa's last colony, gained its independence, and this program covers Sam Nujoma's address at Lincoln University outlining his country's future. The impeccable rendition of the Namibian National Anthem, and…

pt. 1. Cape Coloured people
pt. 2. Coloured people in Namibia, 1921 until 2001, 80 years
pt. 3. Basters, 1865 until 2001.

This short film chronicles the struggles for independence, focusing particularly on the role of the Lutheran churches in Namibia, and in the international community. Missionary work, teachers, and aid workers are profiled.

"Fousy Shinana-Kambombo provides a new perspective on her life as a SWAPO member, her journey into exile and her life in the Camps. However, she also writes with daring openness about the difficult subjects of sexual abuse and gender based violence…

In a shocking and moving documentary we see the terrible living conditions and racism under which the Black majority lives in Namibia and the growing resistance to white rule imposed by South African troops. Also, two guests provide us the latest…
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