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Editorial: The Interim Government

Returning Home - Nikodemus Muundjua

The Namibian Problem (A Voice from the Wilderness) - Aaron Shindjoba

Book Reviews

The Liberation Struggle and the Question of Nationalism in SWA -…

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The Constitution of the Namibia Review Group

Constitutional Conference on SWA

Appraisal of Turnhalle Economics

Comments on Turnhalle: Women, Education, Culture

Black Power, White Extremism, African…

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Appointment of Dr. Gerrit van Niekerk Viljoen as administrator-general for SWA

Interview with Administrator General


On the "Dummy Election"

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Gazette: Establishment of Legislative Authority in SWA

Constitutional Assembly

Differences between Constituent Assembly and National Assembly

German Government Schools in SWA

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Results of 1978 election

Interview with Judge M.T. Steyn

Interview with Dirk Mudge

Interview with Kosie Pretorius

Racist letter to the Editor about Black Farming

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Sudwester Lied & the Reiter

Constitutional Developments & the Assembly

National Government Schemata

"How Partial is the UN?"

"To the Situation in Namibia"

"Where do we Stand after the Rhodesian Election?"

Articles Include:

Election of DTA Council of Ministers

Reaction of World to 1978 Elections

Turnhalle Conference

"Fousy Shinana-Kambombo provides a new perspective on her life as a SWAPO member, her journey into exile and her life in the Camps. However, she also writes with daring openness about the difficult subjects of sexual abuse and gender based violence…

"This dissertations reflects my attempts to understand the practice of 'common sense' or the logic of practice in people's day-to-day lives in the harsh, impoverished environment of the Damaras...."

"I spent five months in Namibia, from March to August 1989. Four of these were spent living just outside the village of Okombahe in Damaraland, the "homeland" of the Damara population group, in western central Namibia. In this village, there is…

Table of Contents: Preface; The Country and the People;The Cattle-Rich Hereros; My Brethren have Dealt Deceitfullyas a Brook; Like the Sun on Your Back; A Sacred Trust; ToGain Space to Live; The Poor Shepherd; Poor Judge in itsOwn Case; Do you want…

"This is a study about forced relocations in Rundu, Kavango in northeast Namibia. Between 1915 and 1990; Namibia was under South Africa rule. It is during the period of South African rule that the removals of Rundu occurred. In the context of…

"This paper will examine the Kunene river Hydro-electric schemes, in their historical, legal, military, strategic, technological, economic and political contexts, in order to bring greater understanding of the society and its conflicts. The schemes…

"The struggle for Namibian independence is not one that has generated widespread attention or support from the people of the Western industrialised countries. Much of this apathy is due, no doubt, to the failure of Western media corporations to…

"A tour de force from "the other Nelson Mandela!" Political determination, diplomatic endeavour, and military perseverance all focused with singular vision and unwavering constancy on Namibia's goal of nationhood have been the hallmarks of the life…

Documents resistance to the German conquest by the Herero and Nama peoples; the South African take-over under the League of Nations mandate; land, labour and community resistance from 1920-1960; the emergence of Nationalist organisations; appeals to…

Introduction /​ Roger Kahle Why, O why, Lord Mission theology and mission strategy in Africa A black theology of liberation Mary's song of praise : Luke 1:46-55 A Christmas meditation : Isaiah 9:2-6 Zachariah's prophecy : Luke 1:68-79 An Easter…

Katutura, located in Namibia’s major urban center and capital, Windhoek, was a township created by apartheid, and administered in the past by the most rigid machinery of the apartheid era. Namibia became a sovereign state in 1990, and Katutura…

Dr. Schivute, who had been a member of SWAPO since 1960, left Namibia in 1962. He graduated in 1969 and became one of Namibia's first medical doctors to qualify under SWAPO's mass education programme. Over and above his MD, he gained further medical…
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