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1. Various pages of commemoration - C.J.S van der Wath

2. Die toetssentrum vir Karakoelramme - V. van der Westhuizen

3. Karakoelteelpraktyke in perspektief - M.G. Steyn

4. Produksie van wit pelse? - P.H. Hugo

5. Influence of season of…

1. Die Karakoeltelersgenootskap - 70 jaar oud - B. von Kunow

2. 50 jaar aktiewe van die KTG - B. von Kunow

3. An anatomical comparison of the rumen and reticulum of black, grey and white Kakakul Lambs - H.B. Groenewald & K.K. Booth


"This memoir on Karakul farming at the South West Africa experimental farm at Neudam is the result of instructions issued some ten years ago by the Administrator to Mr. A.D. Thompson, the manager of the farm, with the object of getting and preserving…

"This is the story of the Karakul in Namibia - their origin, how they came to be in the country and their status today. It documents the development of the Karakul industry and the commitment of the Karakul Board, the Karakul Breeders' Society, the…

"The Okavango river flows from southern Angola, through the Kavango region of Namibia and into the Okavango Delta in Botswana. The recent peace in Angola hopefully marks the end of the intense suffering that the peoples of the river basin have…

Doctoral Dissertation on agrarian structure and agriculture policies during the German colonial period. Written in 1913 at the University of Heidelberg

In 1990, Namibia emerged from colonial rule with a skewed distribution of agricultural land and high levels of poverty. The new government led by SWAPO Party initiated a process to address the land question within the first few months of…

What is the role of international development assistance in a newly independent country such as Namibia? The two studies in this report give some inputs to the discussion on the benefits and problems of aid. One focuses on macro-economics, resource…

This thesis is a study of the social-economy of pastoralism in Damaraland, a
former homeland of Namibia. It focuses on communal livestock farmers and
their families, their strategies for coping with drought, poverty and a legacy
of political…

This document is reproduced from a facsimile reprint of the 1926 original. This report to the SWA administrator describes the state of affairs of land settlement, advances to settlers, and colonial farm improvements, as of 1926.

-On the Instrument and the Capital for Land Reform in Namibia: Some Considerations on the Independent State's Options

Until the middle of the 19th century, very few references exist regarding the occurrence of animal diseases in Namibia. With the introduction of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP) in 1859, this picture changed completely and livestock owners…

-50 Years of Karakul-Breeding in SWA
-Scientific Abstracts
-Disease Outbreaks amongst Rams
-Karakul Research on Experimental Farms
-Annual Report 1957
-Bloodline of the Neudam Stud

-The Development of the SWA Karakul Breeding Associations
-The pros and cons of opening up the Karakul Stud Book
-Annual Report 1958
-Scientific Abstracts
-Karakul research on the Experimental farms
-Hair strength and its relationships to good…
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