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Founded in 1962, the Nordic Africa Institute (Nordiska Afrikainstitutet) is a center for research, documentation and information on modern Africa in the Nordic region. Based in Uppsala, Sweden, the Institute is dedicated to providing timely, critical and alternative research and analysis of Africa in the Nordic countries and to strengthen the co-operation between African and Nordic researchers.


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The link between security and development has been rediscovered after 9/11 by a broad range of scholars. Focusing on Southern Africa, the Security-Development Nexus shows that the much debated linkage is by no means a recent invention. Rather, the…

The volume brings together papers by African and Nordic/Scandinavian gender scholars and anthropologists, in attempts to investigate and critically discuss existing lines of thinking about sexuality in Africa, while at the same time creating space…

The re-siting of the Rider Monument in central Windhoek from the site of one of the concentration camps from the first genocide of the 20th century to a new location in front of the museum at the Alte Feste has raised many questions. So too, has the…

This highly acclaimed bibliography contains more than 2,100 entries, of which over 1,000 are annotated, including books, articles, unpublished reports, conference papers, official publications and periodicals in English, German, Afrikaans and the…

Are there ways and means of measuring democracy and “good governance”? The contributions to this Discussion Paper present attempts to do this by means of surveys on democratic attitudes in Mozambique and Namibia respectively as well as by…