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Documentary Films on Namibia


This collection holds full length Documentary Films on Namibia.


Bernard C. Moore




Bernard C. Moore


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MPEG-4 video files


Mostly English, but some German and Afrikaans footage as well


Documentary Films

Items in the Documentary Films on Namibia Collection

In a shocking and moving documentary we see the terrible living conditions and racism under which the Black majority lives in Namibia and the growing resistance to white rule imposed by South African troops. Also, two guests provide us the latest…

Born in the USA, Don Stevenson has lived in Namibia for almost thirty years. Although some people know him for his artwork, cheerful personality, and classes at the University of Namibia, every Namibian sees his graphic designs all the time. Don…

Structured without narration, Namibians and those involved in the liberation struggle give their input on the fight against Apartheid in what was then South West Africa. Focus is given to the international political elements such as the Cold War,…

Much of the film consists of footage from Church services and landscape surrounding a Swakopmund church. Narration is in German, though some scenes are in Afrikaans with Nama and Otjiherero translations. Some of the footage is dedicated to life in…

Johan van der Mescht was a South African army conscript who was captured in 1978 by Danger Ashipala, a guerrilla fighting for Namibian independence. Van der Mescht was held as a Prisoner of War in Angola before being exchanged for a Russian spy,…