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Dissertations on Namibia


This collection holds full length dissertations written on and/or from Namibia. Unless the dissertations are particularly dated, or the author has passed, I have obtained permission before uploading the files. There are both M.A. and PhD Dissertations uploaded.


Bernard C. Moore


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Items in the Dissertations on Namibia Collection

Lewis' thesis explores the events leading up to and the effects of the 1922 Bondelswarts Uprising in the South of Namibia. Military, economic, political and cultural factors are explored. Maps are provided

Former archivist at the National Archives of Namibia, Brigitte Lau provides the reader with a groundbreaking social, political, and economic history of Namaland in the early to mid 19th century, with particular emphasis on Oorlam migrations, Kommando…

Despite being only a B.A. Honours Thesis, Brigitte Lau's work has stood up as a solid resource in Damara historiography and early Namibian history

"This thesis is approaching the concept of development in Namibian plans for development, its Vision 2030 and Third National Development Plan. The aim is to analyse discourses of development in the Namibian political context of planning for…

This study discusses the legitimacy basis of political power and its changes in historical African societies. It starts from Luc de Heusch's tenet that political power required a legitimacy basis of a spiritual kind, often formulated as sacred…