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Namibian Autobiographies


This collection contains digitized versions of autobiographies (and some biographies) of Namibians and by Namibians. A slight preference is given for liberation struggle stories


Bernard C. Moore




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Items in the Namibian Autobiographies Collection

The former Labor Minister of SWAPO (Southwest Africa People's Organization) recounts his personal saga of developing political commitment, conflict with the Boer adversary, imprisonment, torture, trial, rustication, and the agonizing decision to flee…

Dr. Schivute, who had been a member of SWAPO since 1960, left Namibia in 1962. He graduated in 1969 and became one of Namibia's first medical doctors to qualify under SWAPO's mass education programme. Over and above his MD, he gained further medical…

"A tour de force from "the other Nelson Mandela!" Political determination, diplomatic endeavour, and military perseverance all focused with singular vision and unwavering constancy on Namibia's goal of nationhood have been the hallmarks of the life…

"It was an early Sunday morning in April 1976, my heart was heavy, but in my head I could hear sounds of of early morning birds wishing me a safe journey. I was determined to leave Namibia. I silently slipped out of the homestead, walked across the…

"On the dawn of Namibia's independence from South African rule in 1990, around 43,000 exiles were repatriated to the country formerly known as South West Africa. Of these, many had left their country of birth to flee the brutality of South Africa's…