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Out of Print Books on Namibia


This collection contains full-text PDFs of various out of print books re: Namibian Studies. Most of these were published by small-name presses (such as the Finnish Anthropological Association), and for that reason they are hard to find.

Some of the out of print books can be found in other collections in this repository (such as the Basler Afrika Bibliographien); this collection is merely for those without their own. Efforts were made to receive copyright permission before uploading. For any questions or concerns, contact the webmaster.






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History plays an increasingly important role in anthropological discussions. Historical sources for the cultures and societies traditionally studies by anthropologists are, however, scant. This not only affects anthropological research but it greatly…

The Finnish missionaries in Northern Namibia have enriched anthropology and the study of religions with a unique collection of material on the Ovambo traditions. Now for the first time, these extraordinarily rich stories are presented in English, by…

"The fascinating story of Cape Cross over the past 500 years. Interesting events and colourful characters on every page. Read about the first railway and first postal robbery in Namibia. The biology of the Cape fur seals in detail, plus three maps…