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Basler Afrika Bibliographien (BAB) is a centre of documentation and expertise on Namibia and southern Africa, located in Basel, Switzerland. The institution comprises an archive, a specialist library and a publishing house, in addition to offering scholarly, cultural and socio-political events.

Its books and documents on Namibia are of international renown, and are known among experts as the most comprehensive documentation outside of Namibia. Among its holdings is a collection of rare books with volumes on Africa going back to the 16th century, a large collection of African posters and extensive historical archives of images, sound recordings, manuscripts and ephemera. Its collections are complemented by scholarly publication activities.


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Bernard C. Moore


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Dieser Artikel beschäftigt sich zum einen mit der Konstruktion, Rekonstruktion und Festschreibung von ethnischen Kategorien während der Kolonialzeit in Namibia, also mit einer spezifischen Ethnisierung, und zum anderen mit der Bedeutung und…

"In the following pages I try to reconstruct the history of the settlement at Otjeru and of its inhabitants. My writing draws from oral information received by people whose family histories are deeply connected with the place, but is mainly based on…

"The hybrid mix of authoritarianism and democracy disguised as specific form of “nationalism and national projects” (Ndlovu-Gathseni/Ndhlovu 2013) has been normalised in the postcolonial settings. In particular Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa,…

"Namibia is an arid to semi-arid country whose people traditionally know how to use this ecologically limited environment. The political, social, and economic changes since the country has become independent made common interest focus on ecological…